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Meal Delivery and Instructional Packets (3/24)
The board approved a resolution last night to give us some flexibility during this COVID-19 emergency closure. One of the important things this does is allow us to have flexibility in grading. For the 5th and 6th six weeks, we will be using a pass/fail grade only. These two six weeks will also be excluded from GPA calculations for students in a course for HS credit. This flexibility allows us to identify key assignments that students MUST complete to pass, and those that are provided simply for enrichment. We went home packets yesterday to all of our students. We only had a handful of students who did not pick their packets up. Next week’s packets will look different. We will be separating out “required assignments” and “extra practice”. 

One concern we have had all along is the risk of exposure from paperwork going back and forth from school. TEA released some really good information on how long the virus could stay on paperwork. That link is below. Our process worked very well yesterday. However, in the last 24 hours we have seen several counties that have implemented shelter-in-place orders. One county is not too far down the road. Moving forward, we will mail all packets for students who do not have options of electronic delivery. I am setting up links on the website for parents that have the ability to print the packet on their own. Packets will be mailed out on Friday, with assignments for the following week. We will no longer have instructional packets picked up on campus AT ALL. Everything will be mailed weekly. THIS WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR ADDRESS ON FILE UNLESS YOU TELL US OTHERWISE. To return work, please place your students’ assignments back in their envelope and use the campus drop boxes. We will delay opening those packets for one week to reduce exposure risk for our staff. If you have the ability to scan and send your child’s packet electronically, that is certainly acceptable, as well.

We will also be delivering the meals for those families that indicated they needed them on Mondays and Thursdays beginning at 10:00, rather than using pick-up. This will begin on Thursday. THIS WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR ADDRESS ON FILE UNLESS YOU TELL US OTHERWISE. If you are not staying in the district, you should be able to receive meals from the district where you are staying.

Questions (3/22)

I would like to address some of the concerns that have been expressed. Please understand that our plans, to this point, are evolving daily. We are working on digital instruction so that parents who have the capability to print out work would not have to come up to receive work. This would accomplish both reduced exposure and keep parents from having to make the trip to school. Many of our teachers have been using Google Classroom. Many others are working to transition their work over into that platform. We are also working to get a link on our website where parents can click on their child’s grade level and print the packet of assignments. We will still provide printed copies if necessary. For families that do not have internet, Taylor TelCom is offering 2 months of free services. Please visit with your mentor if this is a need for your family.

I have received the following questions over the last few days…..

How are we making sure that the staff who are handling materials aren’t infected? We have been screening employees for the past two weeks. I have asked several to self-quarantine and they have not been on school facilities at all. We have two nurses on staff that are providing the medical guidance and we are using the CDC guidelines for monitoring staff.

If families are sending materials or dropping off assignments, how can we control the exposure from materials coming back into the school. Our primary plan in the beginning has been to get materials into the hands of kids. We have established drop boxes at each campus where materials can be placed. Those materials may sit for a couple of weeks before they are handled. Teachers are working very hard to transition things over to digital content., for both delivery and receipt. We are hoping, as this week progresses, we are able to do the vast majority of the work online. However, we also know that even if families have internet, they probably only have one computer. We have to be sensible in our expectations. We are working on flexibility in grading and will be communicating that in the coming week.

Have delivery personnel been instructed to follow CDC guidelines about social distancing? Yes, our staff have will be wearing gloves tomorrow during drop off and have been instructed to be careful in their interactions with students. It is only natural for our elementary students to want to hug their teachers. And honestly, our staff is missing our kids terribly. We have compassionate teachers who want to reach out and soothe fears and reassure your kids. That is what makes them great at what they do. It will be extremely difficult, but they have been instructed to encourage “air hugs, elbow bumps, etc.” That being said, if you see one of our staff hug a 5-year-old that runs up to them, please don’t pass judgement. These kids are family to us. We will do everything we can to mitigate exposure, but we will still love kids if they need love, just as you would your own. Then we will put on a new pair of gloves and get back to work.

Why are we skimping on milk and making families ask if they need extra milk? This is a question in response to Mrs. McAndrew’s instructions “Room in the fridge at home might also be too tight to fit 6 cartons of milk for multiple kids. So we have included 2 chocolate milks & 1 white milk in each bag. If you should need more milk, please let us know & we will see if we can remedy the situation.”

Part of this question also asked if we would still be able to get reimbursed from the federal government through the food service program if we don’t give them milk. I personally don’t feel that we are skimping on milk. Many kids wont’ drink the milk and we already know there will be waste with some food that is sent. The Texas Department of Agriculture manages the food service programs in Texas. They have been working on waivers to let schools continue food service and to reimburse schools. For that to happen, you still have to follow their menu guidelines and there is still red tape that manages what you can and can’t do. That is also why many schools aren’t delivering meals, they make kids come up and get them. Mrs. McAndrew and I met last week and decided that she would focus her efforts and time on deciding how we can best get our kids fed, rather than spending hours wading through red tape. As a small school, we don’t have someone who just handles paperwork and someone else who manages meals. Wende oversees both. We decided it was more important that our kids get fed. We had so many need meals, that we had to go off menu just to get enough food to kids. We also worry about supply in the coming weeks. We do not know if we will be reimbursed or not. We have chosen to feed kids and worry about red tape later.

Would it be possible to have set up time slots for people to come up instead of leaving it open for people to come whenever? What about food sitting out? We will have everything that needs to be refrigerated in coolers. If you are picking up meals, you certainly can come earlier so that your food hasn’t been sitting. We have several families who are having food delivered. We have about 320 kids that still needed meals. Until we see what pick-up looks like, there is no way for us to know how that will go. Again, we ask for your patience. This first pickup will certainly have more people coming than future pickups.

Will the food be dated as to when it was prepared so we know how long it is safe to consume? This is a good question. I am not sure we can manage dating everything. I would encourage parents to write the date on your sack of food if you are concerned that it will stay too long in your refrigerator. Our food service staff is all trained in SafeServ food handling safety. We need parents to help us out at home to make sure that your food that needs refrigeration gets put into a refrigerator soon after you pick it up.

I will continue to post information after our distribution tomorrow. Once we see how it goes, I have no doubt we will make changes.

Meal instructions for Monday (3/20)
From Mrs. McAndrew (our lead school lunch hero).....
For our grab and go meals we will have coolers and boxes at the designated parent pickup locations at all 3 campuses. We will ensure that best food safety practices are followed. Parents will pick up the number of student meals they have requested. There will be one brown paper sack filled with 3 days of cold breakfast items and a short instruction sheet. There will be another brown paper sack with 3 days of cold lunch items and another instruction sheet. Then there will be a box with 3 days of items that will need to be heated with instructions sheets. One box for breakfast and another for lunch. Milk and juice will be in a plastic grocery bag. I think we should be able to put the boxes and paper sacks inside the grocery bag so that there is only 1 bag to carry for each child. The most important thing to keep in mind is that all of these items need to be refrigerated as soon as possible after pickup to keep things out of the temperature danger zone. Most things that need to be heated should take less than 4 minutes in a microwave.
Bus drop off will be quite the same except that the meals will be delivered to the normal bus stops. Parents or students will need to be at the bus stops to pick up one bag per student. Buses will leave the school at 10:00. Please be ready at the bus stop at 10:00. Teacher packets can be picked up or dropped off at the same time as the meals are being delivered by the buses.
We have had a great number of requests for meals. So many that we threw the menu out the door. ;) Not really, but we did have to change to different items when one ran out. But regardless of the item, every breakfast has an entree, juice, & fruit. Every lunch has an entree, at least 1 vegetable, & a fruit. We know many of our students aren't keen on our milk choices. Room in the fridge at home might also be too tight to fit 6 cartons of milk for multiple kids. So we have included 2 chocolate milks & 1 white milk in each bag. If you should need more milk, please let us know & we will see if we can remedy the situation.
If a parent said no to receiving meals initially, then wants to change that answer to yes later on, no worries! We do need to make sure that those changes are made before Monday & Thursday mornings however. The cafeteria staff will be prepping meals on Friday and Wednesday according to the counts that have been tallied for the day. Changes for bus drop off and parent pickup are ok too, they just need to be made in the same time frames. Any questions should be directed to your Family Mentor.
Monday will have some bumps, but we will get them ironed out as we go along. Please tell your kiddos that their cafeteria staff misses them all!!! We pray your families remain healthy and grow closer as we weather this storm together as a community.
Instructional Packet Pickup Reminder (3/20) Remember we will be here from 7AM-7PM. There is no need for everyone to rush in first thing in the morning! You will be able to drive by the front entrances of each campus and we will hand your student's packet to you! No need to get out of your car! You can drive in front of the cafeteria for meal pick up. If you are available all day, please leave the early morning for those parents trying to get to work. Please be patient with us. This is certainly a first and we will adjust as needed. You can drop off work at any time. Each campus has a new drop box, thanks to Terry Thompson!! Or you can drop off work when you pick up the next packet.

Surviving Your Child’s Education (3/20)

 Parents…..you are no doubt feeling the anxiety that I, myself, feel about educating my kids at home.  I have been in education for 21 years, and I still dread taking that packet of work that my child needs to complete and getting started figuring out our new normal. IT’S OKAY!!  It does not make you a bad parent that you aren’t excited about this new version of schooling. Every child is different. You may have a child that will take that packet with excitement and work diligently on their own…..I was that kid (self-proclaimed nerd and proud of it)!  You may have a child that will find 1,000 different things or excuses to procrastinate and fight you through every step……I am raising that kid and we can have some pretty good stand-offs.  Give yourself time to figure out what works for your family!  Give yourself permission to fail the first time and try something different. We do not have an expectation that you are going to have your child sit and do schoolwork for hours.  Yes, they are at school from 8-3:30, but trying to replicate what we do here, is not going to work at your home. We know that!! We don’t expect that!  One good rule of thumb…..a child’s attention span to focus on one activity is roughly 1 minute more than their age.  So if you have a 10 year old, plan to have them focus on one activity for around 11 minutes. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed on Monday when you look at their work. Let them break it down into manageable periods of time.  Do one activity and then let them go play or read, take a walk, shoot some hoops. Then come back in about 15 minutes and do another school activity.  We also understand that many of you are still working full time. Please know that we understand what we are asking you to do. Our teachers are working to make sure that we send home information that is needed for your child to be successful in the fall semester. I have seen some really creative things from our teachers. I know as parents, you will come up with some creative things. This is a great opportunity for your child to learn some of those life lessons and express their creativity. I know, thanks to Mrs. Doughty….the 30 day LEGO challenge is in full swing at the McBrayer household. Don’t think I won’t be using that as leverage to get my son to complete other important tasks. Over the course of next week, I will be communicating some additional information on how we will be taking a more flexible approach with grading. When your mentor calls next week, they will also be asking you to estimate the amount of time you spent on school work. This will help us gauge if the amount of work we are giving you is appropriate. It will also let us track it, in case the state asks us for that when we submit our waivers. There is no right or wrong answer. We just need to see if we are proving you adequate support. 

Plans for Monday (3/18) After hearing this afternoon that AISD and WISD plan to offer optional lessons and will not be having students return work for grades, our staff reviewed our plan. I want to state again, if you don't believe how much our staff loves your kids, I wish you could see what I see. We have teachers who have literally been in tears the last few days at the thought of your children not getting the absolute best we can give them. They worry about their progress in their education, their health, if they have food.......on and on. We know that there is ABSOLUTELY NO REPLACEMENT for the classroom teacher in direct interaction with the student. We believe that as a smaller district, we have the ability to have a more individualized approach that just isn't possible on the scale that would be needed in larger districts. I really do feel that we have a good plan to begin with on Monday. I know we will have adjustments that we need to make and depending on the evolution of the situation over the upcoming days, our needs and concerns may change. I certainly see pros and cons to optional lessons with no grades and no work returned...both as an educator and a parent. A few easy ways to address some of the concerns could be scanning packets for parents that would like to be able to print and home and not have to come up to school. We could also reduce interactions by providing longer periods of work. Our biggest way to help reduce spread is for everyone to take responsibility for their own health and determine if they could be a risk to anyone else. In that case, they should not be involved in exchange of any work. Overall, I think our teachers are working hard to provide education to students and support them to continue learning the important information that will be so critical when they return to school (Rather in a few weeks or in the fall). We will take a sensible approach with grades and feedback for kids. Until we give it a try, we can't possibly know all of the what-ifs. We will still continue as planned for Monday and evaluate as next week progresses. We will continue to lead with grace and compassion. Don't forget to hug your kids and encourage them that we will all get through this just fine! And make sure they know how much our school family misses them already. Our teachers are trying hard to put together everything kids might need, including textbooks and their pencil boxes at elementary. On Monday, each campus will be set up in front of their offices. You should be able to drive up and get your child's materials at each campus. if you are getting lunches, drive through the elementary circle drive and we will get lunches to you. FAQs (3/18) Here are some of the questions I have been asked since posting information yesterday. Keep your questions coming. If you are wondering…. odds are someone else is, also. If I happen to miss your question on one of my facebook posts, please don’t hesitate to message me through Facebook or email me cmcbrayer@hawley.esc14.net.

"Seems like a long time for the cafeteria to be open (7AM to 7PM on Monday and Thursday) What does pick up/drop off mean? "
INSTRUCTIONAL PACKETS: We set those hours to start so that parents had some flexibility if they are working. You could pick up before or after work. If you are not working, you could pick up anytime during the day. This first Monday we will do this all from the cafeteria. We anticipate more people needing to pick up information in the beginning. Campuses are trying to put together some information on their other issues that may need to be communicated in addition to classwork. So on Monday, you will receive a packet for each child that has instructions for how to get classwork. Some will be electronic, some will be print copies. Then on Thursday, you will get new packets of classwork. Think of it as it would be if your child was missing a week for the flu and we gave you some work on Monday, and then when you knew your child was still going to be out, we gave you new assignments on Thursday. As your child finishes work, you can either drop it in the locked boxes outside each campus entrance, or simply bring it with you to the next pick-up. Ideally, if you are able, you will be picking up work for your child twice a week, unless your child’s teachers have given you instructions that say differently.
MEALS: Meals will be handled in a similar fashion. We will have pre-packaged meals (3 breakfast, 3 lunches on Monday and 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches on Thursday). If you have told us that you will be picking meals up, we will hand you meals with your students’ instructional packet. At 10:00AM, we will be taking the meals to students who needed them delivered by bus. Student packets can be delivered with these meals, as well.

"Do parents walk into the cafeteria and wait in line? Wait in line for someone to come to them. Does the child have to be in the car too?"
The child does not have to be with you for you to pick up their packets or their meals. Our ideal scenario is to get a drive through option in place where you don’t even have to get out of your car. That is also one of the reasons for 7AM-7PM is to spread out the number of people trying to get things at once. We will have staff ready to assist you! On the first day, you may need to come into the cafeteria, but we will work to keep from having large groups of people waiting in lines. You may be asked to wait in your car until the lines move or until we can bring your packet out to you. The first day will probably be a little hectic as we see what is going to work best. After this first day, there will be fewer people needing to come to pick-up, as some students will be able to work mostly online (especially secondary).

"As to homework, schools have no books to have as to examples like years ago so the teacher gives examples in the classroom that children copy. How that will work?"
Teachers will be giving you notes and examples for students to use. Many are working on videos and online chats to be able to do demonstrations. This is all new territory for us. Some of our teachers have been working in online platforms for a while. Some of our teachers are superstars at doing hands-on projects with students. Different classes are easier to do online. It will all be work in progress for us. Several of our teachers are trying to look at tutorial options for students who are struggling where the teacher can work with them but not have large groups of kids together. The best advice I can give you, COMMUNICATE with your faculty mentor that is assigned to you and communicate with your child’s teacher for that subject. Among our administrative team, we are also certified to teach in a wide variety of areas. We will work to get you the help you need.

"When is homework due?"
This will vary for different grade levels and different courses. It will also vary depending on your individual situation. Ideally, the sooner you can return work that your child has completed the better. Teachers will be slammed with grading on assignments that, in normal times, they would have been working on as a class. If you know you have illness or have been exposed in your home, please don’t return work, just keep it until we are sure it will not transmit the virus back to our staff. Likewise, if you know you have illness or have been exposed in your home, please do not come up for work or meals. Communicate with us and we will drop off to you.

"How much work will be sent?"
One of our reasons for pick-up twice a week, is because a full week’s worth of work for multiple subjects and teachers can be very daunting. Some of our younger grade levels may send a weeklong packet. Just remember, we have your children for 8 hours each day and we keep them busy. It is not our expectation that you will be sitting with your child at your dinner table for 8 hours every day to complete work. Your child should be able to do most of these assignments independently, especially the older they are. I completely understand the challenge or teaching your own child!! Even as an educator, sitting down with two of my own and getting work out of them is sometimes a challenge. I encourage you to establish a schedule and an expectation with your kids. It will be very easy to let them sleep in and stay up late and get into a habit of having to fight them to complete assignment. Use their electronics and play time as a reward for completion of assignments. Also remember, we don’t make them sit for hours and focus on one subject or activity. They surely will fight you on that if you try that at home. Let them have frequent breaks. Let them work on a variety of their activities. From personal experience, I can tell you that my son LOVES math, and struggles to read. It would be easy to let him do all of his math first and then I will have to fight him through all of the reading. Change it up on them. You will have to experiment with what works best for your children. They will also all be different. If they are staying with a loved one or a sitter, have a conversation with that individual about helping you get their assignments complete.

"Even if we answered that we have internet, will we still have options for printed work?"
Yes. I know our internet at home is hit-or-miss on some days….or if it’s raining…..or the wind blows. We will work with you. If you can’t access or complete something, we will make sure you have a paper option.

"What about prom and graduation?"
The venue where we had scheduled prom told us we cannot have it on the date that we planned. Graduation is still too far away to make any decisions. For both of those events, we will make sure we do SOMETHING. We just don’t know when. We still want our kids to have those life memories that they would’ve had. Just stay tuned for updates.

"Can I still get a middle school yearbook?"
Yes, you will have information in your packet from MS about this on Monday.

We are still finalizing plans on special education services. Special Education teachers met today with our Special Education Co-op Director. Administrative staff will be meeting with him on Thursday. We will communicate with those families individually to determine how best to meet those needs.

LIBRARY (3/17)
Parents....does your child need something to read??? Check out the library database online. We have ebooks available and we will get the ebook password to you in your child's instructional packet. If your child sees a book they would like to check-out, let your Faculty Mentor know, and we will put it in your instructional packet!!! If you have books at home you need to return, please bring them up on Monday. If they are in your desk or locker, we have already returned them for you!
If you want to read ebooks, email your librarian to set up your account. elementary - asites@hawley.esc14.net middle school - ahampton@hawley.esc14.net high school - lcomer@hawley.esc14.net district - kertho@hawley.esc14.net
Each week we are closed, you will pick up (receive) educational materials on Monday and Thursday. Beginning Monday, March 23rd, the cafeteria will be open from 7am-7pm on Monday and Thursday for pick-up/drop-off. As we figure out what times work best for our community, that may be adjusted. Ideally, this will evolve into a quick drive through process. However the first day may be a little more involved. We will monitor and figure out how we need to adjust. We ask for your patience. You are welcome to come up at anytime during this 12 hour period. We will work to spread out the number of people in the cafeteria at one time. You may be asked to wait in your car, we may bring your child’s packet to you, etc. On Mondays, we will also have available 3 lunches and 3 breakfasts, with instructions on preparation/re-heating. When your mentor calls you over the next few days, they will be asking about your ability to pickup your child’s assignments and meals. If you are able to pick up assignments and meals, we ask that you do so. We have over 600 families, so it will be difficult for us to do deliver to every home. If you are not able to pick up, we will make every effort to get assignments and meals to you. We will be delivering meals on Monday and Thursday mornings. You will receive 3 breakfast and lunches on Monday, and 2 breakfasts and lunches on Thursday. We will be communicating times soon so that you can be expecting us. We will also have locked drop-boxes located outside each campus entrance where you can deposit your child’s assignments at any time.
In the packet you receive on Monday, March 23, you will find assignments for your child to work on at home. Teachers will be giving you options for electronic submission of work, and they will have paper-based options available, also. We are also working on a list of free internet resources you can use for your child for enrichment.
Teachers have worked hard to plan for students with various needs. The materials in the assignment packets are provided in accordance with the students’ educational plan (IEP, 504, etc.). Teachers are also going to work hard to make available tutoring times whether it be via Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, etc. or in person in a controlled environment. These times may also be published where multiple students can join at a given time for a lesson.
Each family within the district has been assigned a Faculty Mentor. This person will be your go-to contact for the district. This is an effort to better streamline the process for you to contact a particular person in the district. They will help provide you with guidance and answer questions as they arise. Please utilize this contact for your family. They should be contacting you by the end of this week.
I am asking any staff that have ANY concern that they have been exposed, have traveled internationally or to hotspots, to monitor themselves closely, or self-quarantine. They will not be handling your child’s food or instructional materials. I ask that you do the same. If you know your family has been exposed, or at any time, your family becomes ill, please let us do drop-off and keep your child’s assignments. Do not return them to us until we know that we are clear from risk of exposure. We will get caught up on grading their assignments. While we value education, we value health and life more!
The entire district (administration, faculty, and staff) have worked tremendously hard during the last few days to ensure all of this is thought out and supports our students. Please know that while it may not be perfect, we will get through this together and we are working tirelessly for you. Stay safe and God Bless!

n the next few days you will be getting a phone call from your family’s assigned mentor. Each staff member has been assigned 6-8 families that they will keep in touch with throughout our school closure. This will give you one individual that you will be able to contact that can help you with any issues you might be having, rather food service, needing to get in contact with a teacher, needing to talk to the school nurse, etc.  You are certainly encouraged to contact your child’s teacher through Remind or Email, as you have been doing throughout the school year. This mentor will just be an additional resource for you, and it will help us make sure that we have someone checking in on our families weekly to make sure you are okay and have what you need. One important thing they will be doing in the next few days, is finding out if you need meals, and if so, how many?  They will also be asking you if you will be able to pick them up at the drive through circle at the elementary campus, or if we need to make arrangements to bring them to you. We will be running our bus routes to deliver to those families who cannot come to pickup. These meals will be provided free for children aged 18 and under.  



Please connect with your mentor and help us keep tabs on your family’s welfare. Below are a list of emails for your convenience, as well.


Hawley Elementary Principal, Laurie Florence, lflorence@hawley.esc14.net

Hawley Elementary Assistant Principal, Marlee Wilhelm mwilhelm@hawley.esc14.net

Hawley Middle School Principal, Chad Hoffman, choffman@hawley.esc14.net

Hawley High School Principal, Nikki Grisham, ngrisham@hawley.esc14.net

Hawley Secondary Assistant Principal, Jessica Stapp, jstapp@hawley.esc14.net

Leindy Estes, Nurse lestes@hawley.esc14.net

Michelle Huffaker, Nurse mhuffaker@hawley.esc14.net

Food Service, Wende McAndrew, wmcandrew@hawley.esc14.net


Individual teacher email addresses are located under the campus staff pages. 

School Closure Update 3/17

We are continuing to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 into our area. I know how stressful the "Open/Closed" Roller coaster has to be. It is very stressful for our staff, as well. We will not be bringing students back next week. I don't want to put parents in a position to have to plan week-by-week, but that seems to be our reality. I have instructed staff to be prepared for an extended period of closure. I will continue to post updates as the situation evolves. But, as parents, you can plan for closure next week and be prepared for that time to extend. We have worked the last few days to be two weeks ahead in plans for instruction for students. I will soon be posting the schedule of how we will be getting instructional packets to students. I will also post how we will be getting meals to students beginning Monday. So that you don't have to keep catching messages on Facebook, I am also posting anything that we send out through Facebook or Remind on our district website at www.hawley.esc14.net. I will continue to post on my personal page, as well as the Hawley Community Group and Hawley K-12 Parents Group. Campuses will continue to send out messages through Remind.


2020-21 School Calendar



This year, we hope to build our community’s support for Hawley ISD and the important work that we do. We want to show off all the exciting things happening on our campuses and help community members see why their children—or grandchildren, nieces and nephews, neighbors or other children in the community—should be proud to be Hawley Bearcats. 

Our work is not easy, and none of us can accomplish it alone. Each person in our learning community—our teachers, parents, school counselors, administrators, support staff and the community we serve—plays a critical role in helping our students succeed. 

Here at Hawley ISD we are a team of professionals, and we feel privileged to serve the Hawley community. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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