Bus Rules

School transportation is a privilege, not a state requirement. Our number one goal is safety! School bus safety regulations must be followed!

  1. Students will cooperate with the bus driver at all times.
  2. Students will stay seated and face forward.
  3. Students will not talk loud, yell or cause loud noises on the bus.
  4. Students will not use profanity.
  5. Students will not extend arms, legs or heads out of the window.
  6. Students will not use tobacco products, alcohol or drugs on the bus.
  7. Students will not damage any part of the school bus.
  8. Any student found to have intentionally, knowingly or recklessly damaged or destroyed school property shall be required to compensate the school district for the full extent of the damage and shall be subject to class III disciplinary measures.
  9. Students will not fight on the bus or at the bus stop.
  10. Students will not open the back door. (For emergency use only)
  11. Students will not be dropped off at another stop without written permission from the parent or legal guardian.
  12. Students will not throw any object from the bus.
  13. Before exiting the bus, all windows will be shut and all trash picked up.
  14. Students are expected to conduct themselves on buses in the same manner as in the classroom.
  15. Only eligible students are permitted to ride a bus and they must ride their assigned bus.For more information refer to your student handbook or call the Transportation Directors office at 325-537-9834.