Summer Food Service Program


Summer Menu


Tuesday May 26, 2020 Hawley ISD will begin our Summer Food Service Program.  This will be a Grab & Go daily hot lunch served Monday thru Thursday, 11:45 to 12:35 at the cafeteria May 26 thru June 30, 2020.  ALL children 18 or younger eat for free, that includes our seniors who may be 19.  You DO NOT have to have your children in the car when meals are picked up.  We will have a District ID letter ready for documentation for your students.  If you have children who are not enrolled in the District, please be sure to have a photo on your phone of their birth certificate.  If we do not have a copy of the District letter, a copy of birth certificate available, or the children in the car we will be unable to provide a meal for that child.   

Following is the process & procedures we will use for Grab & Go Summer Feeding:
1.  Drivers will pull into the Middle School parking lot up to the curve in the curb.  There you will find our serving table set up.  Please DO NOT exit your vehicle.  
2.  A staff member will approach your window to ask either if your child is a student or if you have a copy of their birth certificate to determine how many meals are needed.  If your child is a student we will pull your District ID letter out and place it in our files for documentation.  If your child is not a student we will take a photo on our phones in order to print it for our documentation.  All photos on our phones will immediately be emailed to our District email and then deleted on our phones.  All confidentiality will be maintained just as we do during the school year.
3.  Once documentation has been verified the driver will be given a colored piece of paper to keep on the dash for further meal pick ups.  We will have different colored papers according to what type of documentation verification was done.  This piece of paper needs to be on your dash at every pick up.  We will also write on this paper how many meals you need.  Should you need a different amount just let us know at the pick up. 
4.  A staff member will bring your meals to the passenger side of your vehicle and place them in the front or back seat.
5. You will exit through the parking lot exit.
Note:  Grandparents, siblings, etc may pick the meals up so long as: the colored paper is on the dash; staff have a District ID letter on hand; or they have a photo of the child's birth certificate.