District Goals

Hawley Independent School District

Mission Statement:

The mission of Hawley I.S.D. is to produce responsible, productive citizens by providing a competent staff who will teach a diverse curriculum in a safe, structured, and nurturing environment.

Goal 1

Hawley I.S.D will create an atmosphere where every individual student is engaged, challenged, and supported in order to reach overall success.

Indicators of Success

  1. · Every student has opportunities and resources for post-secondary training.
  2. · The district will create an atmosphere for each student to connect learning.
  3. · Every student will be encouraged to participate in extra- curricular activities.

Goal 2

Hawley I.S.D. will foster a purposeful, inviting community-school relationship where community interaction is valued and encouraged.

Indicators of Success

  1. · School and Community lines are blurred.
  2. · Open facilities resources to include library, gym and elementary park in the evening.
  3. · Deliberate planning of school/community spirit events that promotes collaboration of the school and community stakeholders.

Goal 3

Hawley I.S.D. will develop and maintain plans for the short to long term maintenance of school facilities.

Indicators of Success

  1. · Expansion of and efficient use of current facilities for possible growing populations.
  2. · Support the maintenance and acquisition of new technology and infrastructure.
  3. · Provide a safe environment for students.

Goal 4

Hawley I.S.D. will hire and develop educators who will embrace the challenges of preparing all students to become lifelong learners.

Indicators of Success

  1. · Support and facilitate high quality professional development.
  2. · Ensure high quality instruction to enable students to meet their personal, academic and career goals.
  3. · Provide leadership and professional representation to benefit positive community, teacher and student relationships.