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Total Learning Community
Road Map for Success

In an effort to explain what we do at Hawley Elementary to help children be successful, we have created this "Road Map to Success". We will make changes to this plan as we develop new ideas and programs.  

As of August 24, 2015, Hawley Elementary had 375 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through
5th grade. We have a diverse population and offer a variety of programs to serve their needs.
Special Population/Special Programs Percentage of Population

At Risk 47%
Eco Dis 54%
Spec Ed 8%
GT 6%
Dyslexia 1%

Hawley Elementary will focus on:

  • Incorporating TEKS Resource System across grade levels to promote vertical alignment and decrease gaps in student’s learning.


  • Incorporate KAGAN curriculum activities and strategies into all subject areas    to enhance higher order thinking skills.


  • Strengthen Math curriculum becoming more consistent with the core curriculum, GO Math!, in K-5th grade. Use Various Online- Math programs in the computer lab to utilize technology to monitor and increase math tutoring to students that need additional help with math K-5.Incorporating more hands-on activities using manipulatives to make math concepts more concrete while building in real-world math activities.


  • Continue advocating a strong Reading program incorporating core curriculum, Daily 5, iStation, AR, library instruction, and other rewarding activities that encourage students to become lifelong readers.Hawley Elementary will support using best practices and incorporating Daily 5 methods to build a stronger reading program.  In addition, we are committed to providing a strong foundation in vocabulary. 


    • Hawley Elementary Library supports:
      • Classroom instruction
        • Curriculum needs for both teachers and students
        • Reading material for all levels and a variety of interests
      • Family literacy
        • Read 100 Books program for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade students and their parents
        • Build-A-Book events
        • Two Scholastic Book Fairs
        • Parent and community use of the Elementary Library
      • Reading incentive programs
        • Six Flags Read to Succeed
        • Texas Bluebonnet Award (Grades 3-5)
        • Chaparral Reading Program (Grades K-2)
        • Gift certificates to ‘Buy One, Get One’ Book Fair for students who meet their AR reading goals each six weeks (Grades 2-5), or complete their grade’s reading project (Pre-K-First)


  • The RTI program provides services for students K – 5th grade. The RTI program focuses on helping students fill gaps in Reading and Math. Our program provides small group and one-on-one teaching for struggling readers. We focus on the learning style of each individual student and build on their specific strengths by using different methods and practices that are useful, enjoyable and beneficial.  


  • Strengthen students’ writing skills by requiring more writing activities across the grade levels through incorporating authentic Language Arts lessons and strategies while applying those into their writing.


  • Strengthen students’ science concepts encouraging them to investigate and question the world around them.  Hawley Elementary has a fantastic Science Lab where hands-on experiments will be conducted by all grade levels making those abstract ideas come to life.

  • Increase early literacy by having a strong Pre-K program.  Pre-k follows the Texas Pre-K Guidelines and uses the CLI-Engage and Texas School Readiness Resources.  


  • CAMP (computers, art, music, PE)
    • Our Physical Educational program is designed to encourage students to become physically fit and strive for a healthy lifestyle. We follow state guidelines with Fitness Gram, yearly fitness evaluations and we are actively involved in CATCH (coordinated approach to child health).We also incorporate academics by including math, reading, science and social study skills into our Physical Education curriculum. Throughout the year we have many events that all grade levels participate in and parents are involved. We have the Bearcat Jog every Friday, in November we have our annual Turkey Trot. In February we participate in Jump Rope/Hoops For Heart. Also in May our 5th grade attends the ACU 5th grade Track Meet to compete with school districts surrounding Abilene, and our Field Day. Our Physical Education classes are fully adapted for students with special needs that allow for physical involvement every day.
    • Elementary Art is getting kicked off and hopes to involve into something spectacular to help support our State level High School Art Program.  Our students work on skills they will need in high school while competing in several Art contests: Doodle for Google, PTSA Reflections, etc.  Also working on bringing in artists to capture students’ interest in art.


    • Elementary Music: Uses a high quality curriculum that is aligned across grade levels.  Elementary music focuses on preparing students for middle school and high school band, and theatre arts.  Students learn stage directions and become familiar with instrument families and how each instrument is made.  Elementary music also focuses on connecting our students with the Hawley community.  Our students perform for the senior citizens once a month during their luncheon.  We have two annual performances: Christmas and Spring Concert.  This is important to students in the fact that it gives them the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. 


    • Computer Lab : Bringing our students into the 21st century with quality skills they will need for jobs that haven’t even been created is our goal for our students.  Our students participate in computer lab every other day for 30 minutes.  Students are taught using the framework established by the State of Texas through the Technology Applications for Elementary students in the TEKS.  Students will be able to identify computer parts by their names and know their usage. Students will learn to use word processing software and to type correctly and quickly. Each grade level has an appropriate set of goals and objectives for each school year. Appropriate use of the internet for research and knowledge will be stressed. The students have opportunities to gain experience in typing and varied software programs, by running educational programs which will enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will also learn to safely use the internet and correct emailing etiquette. 


  • Community Service - We learn how to give others. We have several annual events that we do each year:  elementary food drive for the local food bank, pennies for cancer, St. Jude Hospital, Toys for tots, and American Heart Association. We also do special events as the needs arise.  This teaches our students how to be good citizens and to help others in need.


  • College and Career Readiness – Teachers decorate their doorways with college information and wear a college t-shirt on Wednesdays.  Teachers use this time to talk to students about the possibility of attending college.  Attend college fair in Abilene.  Attend career fair and have different people to talk about careers.


  • Continuing to communicate effectively with parents and the community and entice their involvement with our school and utilizing the One Call Phone Alert System as an additional method to keep parents informed.  Also have an Elementary Facebook account and a Twitter account.  Teachers utilize the Remind service as well.  Bearcat Bulletin has the school information source going home on Friday. Website update twice a week with a new page for online Bearcat Bulletin in case the paper copy doesn’t make it home. Information shared with local papers as well.  Grandparents Day in the cafeteria, Veterans Day celebration, and Christmas programs to also connect to the community. We also do a backpack program to send food home on weekends through the school nurse. We do Box Top for education to raise monies for school student needs.


  • Maintaining a safe learning and working environment for all students and staff. Doors will remain locked during the day. Also classroom doors will be locked at the end of the day. Lights will remain on after hours to aid camera recording.


  • Maintain a staff that is professional, highly qualified, and committed to making our school and its students successful in a variety of ways. Atmosphere: Goodie Days are a way to share in a meal once a month with staff bringing in a specialty food item to share. Wear pink to support breast cancer research. Professional: Training that meets requirements but also provides up to date needs of the teachers to stay current with trends and changes within the state. (Curriculum, GT, accommodations, technology, PEIMS )


  • Highly qualified instructional aides assist students whenever they encounter difficulty with basic concepts and require one-on-one or small group instruction to be successful in the classroom.


  • Continuing with a positive citizenship program with Mrs. Snow to address all areas of concern about encouraging respect for adults and students; address bullying issues. Sustaining a school climate that is positive and supportive for all students and staff.


  • Quality Tutorial Programs – ZAP (zeros aren’t permitted) is every Thursday from 3:30 – 5:00.  This is an opportunity for students to catch up on missing assignments or correct tests.  Use the NHS high school students to work with students in the elementary for tutorials. Students are able to mentor to younger students and provide one-on-one assistance.   Before and After School Tutorials with all teachers is available. 


  • Hawley Elementary enjoys a very active Parent/Teacher Student Association. PTSA has assisted our schools many ways such as, purchasing playground equipment, buying, and contributing to rewards for students with Perfect Attendance and Honor Roll achievement. This active group of parents and teachers work together not only to raise money to purchase materials to enrich the curriculum, but also seek to get other parents involved in the education of their child.


  • Summer Programs: Summer Tutorials are required for 5th Grade Students who need Accelerated Instruction for the 3rd administration of STAAR. These students receive one-on-one instruction in specific areas to allow them the best opportunity to meet the passing standard and be promoted. It is only through our efforts to continually assess the attainment of goals set for Hawley Elementary that we can persevere to enhance our students’ lives to be productive members of society with character and conviction.


  • Distance Learning Lab: To connect with other students in places not accessible by field trips. 


  • Continue a successful UIL Academics program.

Future Items:

  •  Increase Access to Technology - Look at increasing the amount of Ipads and laptops available for all students.


  • More ways to communicate with parents in a timely manner. More involvement with parents and the decisions that affect their child.


  • Add Robotics and Chess clubs

The mission of Hawley ISD is to produce responsible, productive citizens by providing a competent staff who will teach a diverse curriculum in a safe, structured, and nurturing environment.

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